Michelle Perez: The Past Two Years

By Michelle Perez

Being here at Working Classroom has been amazing. I’ve had lots of opportunities to learn new stuff and new skills. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet new people like Ann Cusack, Robert Madrid and all of my friends that come to Working Classroom. I have learned so much that might have never entered my mind if I didn’t come here daily. I also learned a bit about myself, like how I really like the viewpoints story and levels, I really like changing my height. I also like working behind the the stage and hanging the lights. Now as a theater intern, for the summer, I get the chance to go to Chicago, IL.
imaginary landscape
But not only do I get the chance to go to Chicago, I have also received some training in office work. I also work in the garden when I can, and when I’m not here either working or taking a class, I would probably be at my house telling my family all about what I did at Working Classroom. I’m also not the only family member that comes to Working Classroom. My sister Katia comes to take visual arts classes and is also manager of the Working Classroom mural project this summer. She’s the one that has taken me to where I am right now. So I just have to say thank you to my sister, and everyone else at Working Classroom.