An Ark of Equality (R. Antonio Granillo, WC Student)


The 2013 Pride Parade event of Albuquerque was a huge success for the LGBT community in and around the Albuquerque area. Working Classroom participated in the event by building a float that would be featured in the parade. The process started with brainstorming for a centralized theme that would encompass the float. Thereafter, the students started sculpting a variety of float models that focused on the themes discussed. As the class progressed, students began to build the actual float and learned new techniques in sculpture-making. On the day of the event, frantic students inspected the final product. An infatuated rainbow skeleton couple served as the focal point, while rambunctious paper flowers surrounded the exterior of the float, varying in size, shape, and color. The day of the event started with every float participant gathering at Working Classroom and riding to the University of New Mexico as one group. Upon arrival, they simply waited, and waited some more, until excitement was bursting at the seams and the parade finally took off. It was marvelous to view the vibrant, colorful, and truly unique floats that were celebrating equality. From Egyptian gods to Candy Land, the 2013 Pride Parade had it all. One of the most noticeable of the floats was similar to that of Working Classroom. A multi-layered wedding cake sat atop a trailer that featured a supposed bride and groom that were simply skeletons. This coincided with Working Classroom’s theme of “love is love”. From the Working Classroom group, a few students decided to walk on stilts during the parade. As the parade took off, spectators cheered for the stilt walkers. Perhaps the most noticeable of the stilt walkers, Alejandro Fernandez, constantly rallied the crowd with chants, dancing, and laughter. As the parade progressed, protesters were evident; however, their presence was minuscule and engulfed by the sheer happiness beaming from supporters. As the parade drew to an end, the Working Classroom participants felt proud for supporting equal rights and utterly exhausted from the summer heat. Overall, Working Classroom was ecstatic to be apart of this year’s Pride Parade event of Albuquerque.

R. Antonio Granillo (Student)