Teaching & Supporting Artists


Recent Teaching & Supporting Artists

As Working Classroom grows and our network expands, we may need your help in reminding us of our collaboration and of your continued support of our mission. Please send an artist bio, the time period you were with us and a high quality head-shot or work-sample to feature on an artist’s profile to Thank you for your contributions!

Supporting artists:

  • Tea Alagic
  • Joan Bruemmer
  • Edouard Duval Carrie
  • Nani Chacon
  • Karsten Creightney
  • Ann Cusack
  • William Cusack
  • Colman Domingo
  • Janelle Iglesias
  • Paul Lopez, Jr.
  • Robert Madrid
  • Adria Malcolm
  • Rebecca Mayorga
  • Luis Mayorga
  • Jesus Mayorga
  • Rebecca Massey
  • Charo Oquet
  • Lisa Ramirez
  • Kameelah Rasheed
  • Alex Ross-Reed
  • Yolanda Sanchez
  • Raymundo Sesma
  • Vicki Shaghoian
  • Vicente Telles
  • Lisandra Tena
  • Billy Tubb
  • Wanxin Zhang

Supporting arts organizations:

  • Albuquerque Theater Guild
  • Binary Artists
  • National Museum of Mexican Art
  • Tectonic Theater Project
  • Casa Barelas
  • Sanitary Tortilla Factory

Thank you Sponsors!