A Video on Working Classroom’s Public Art Program, 2009


Working Classrooms award-winning public art projects demonstrate the power of art to educate, stimulate, provoke, unite, and uplift — transforming neighborhoods into accessible, open-air galleries. Public art: – anchors cultural tourism – instills community pride – reduces anti-social behavior and violence. Working Classrooms model Public Art Program includes landmark murals, sculptures and interventions. All projects include: Outstanding professional artists. We work with a network of local, national and international artists dedicated to public art and community development. Student apprenticeships. Our public art projects include paid apprenticeships for intermediate and advanced-level Working Classroom student artists. Community relevance. Working Classroom public art reflects and enhances surrounding cultural and historical environments. Participating Artists: Edouard Duval Carrie Antonio Lente Raymundo Sesma Joe Stephenson Wanxin Zhang