Working Classroom is a 30-year-old arts and social justice non-profit in Albuquerque, New Mexico that cultivates the artistic, civic, and academic minds of youth through in-depth arts projects with contemporary artists to amplify historically ignored voices, resist systemic injustices, and imagine a more equitable society.

The Working Classroom New Media, Theater and Visual Arts Programs provide young artists, actors, and media makers with professional training, as well academic support and opportunities to engage in social justice through art.

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Our values

We believe the arts both mirror who we are as a nation and help us interpret where we are headed and what we want to become. As long as some communities are invisible or underrepresented, the reflection is distorted and the conversation incomplete. Working Classroom prepares students to contribute to a more nuanced definition of our collective identity.
We value
the strong, fresh and unique voices that youth bring to art and social justice movements.
We prioritize
collaborations with artists, youth & communities who have been historically underserved & underrepresented in power.
We support
youth as agents of change by using contemporary artistic expression – visual art, new media, public art, and theater to create work that tells our communities’ stories with truth, nuance, beauty and power.
We know
that art has the power to heal and disrupt isolation and systems of oppression.
We value
high quality, contemporary, art, collaborating with and challenging emerging artists from a place of love and respect.
We know
that training young artists from underrepresented communities contributes to a more complete and nuanced understanding of our world.
We value
conscious rule breaking and the individual and collective growth that comes from taking risks, pushing boundaries and colliding with the status quo.
We recognize
the need for safe spaces for expression, self-discovery and inquiry.
We value
connectivity across intersecting identities as well as collaboration with schools, community-based organizations, and arts organizations.
We believe
that artists labor has both cultural and financial value, to that end, we pay professional artists for their work and provide paid opportunities for student artists.

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