Luis Carlos

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Luis Carlos Muñoz

21st Century Program & Community Engagement Manager

Luis Carlos Muñoz, 21st Century Program & Community Engagement Manager, was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and received his B.A. in Architecture and Planning at the University of New Mexico. Coming from an immigrant background, his personal experience in attaining a college education drives his passion in assisting student in their pursuit of a college education. He has worked with student from underrepresented communities for 7 years, working with college readiness programs providing insight and resources to students that are currently facing issues of inequity in their educational careers. As an undergraduate student, Luis Carlos’ was awarded the Mentor of the Year award by the Albuquerque Mentor Collaborative. He also volunteered as an instructor for Architecture with Children and taught high school and middle school student, fundamentals of architecture and design.

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