“Printmaking + Installation” 

Students worked with guest artist, Rosalie López to learn screen printing techniques in order to create an installation that engages with the community. These gavánes (or ponchos), created by students, feature imagery associated with the farmworkers’ struggle— will be worn by the artists during the 23rd Annual César Chávez March in Albuquerque.



“Piñata Pandemonium” 

Introductory level art students in our Political Piñatas workshop created iconographic, papier-mâché, sculptures, which comment on issues of social inequality, gun violence and wildlife protection. Advanced art students reinterpreted the basic materials of a piñata, cardboard, colorful tissue and papier-mâché to create contemporary sculptures in the context of pre-colonial, Mexica, piñata history.



“Historias Inocentes” / “Innocent Stories” 

Altars to vistims of hate and senseless acts of crime.

Students create the altar tradition through the visual language of papel picado, screen-printing and commemorative imagery, in a dynamic contemporary installation honoring the lives recently lost to hate and senseless acts of violence.


“Assembling the Self: Self-portrait collage & installation” 
Student artists experiment with found materials, collage, painting and installation art.


“Burque Stories in Zines”
Zines, self-published books, have become an outlet for Working Classroom artists to share their thoughts on topics affecting their community.
Themes of police brutality, GMOS, addiction, immigration, biculturalism and inequality are explored. Original hand painted books and limited edition zines’ will be on exhibit. Abstract paintings, based on each artist’s zine topic, will also be on view.


 “Serenity if Light: Portraits of North Valley Seniors” 
Eight student artists worked with Working Classroom guest artist, Rebecca Massey, to create a suite of 14 original photographic portraits of seniors from the North Valley Senior Center.



“Por tierra y por mar”
A Day of the Dead istallation commemorating the lives of emigrants who died on the journey to a better future.


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