Integrated learning, tutoring and higher education preparation.



Academic skills are integral to professional development and success in the arts. At Working Classroom, we support our students’ artistic ambitions by:

Integrated Learning: We incorporate reading, writing, research, and critical thinking into our art and theater programs. Students are challenged to enrich their work by developing advanced academic skills.

Examples of our integrated programs include:

  •  Three Months Notice/Tres Meses de Aviso, a graphic novel about predatory lending.
  • Hasta La Muerte Nos Separe, a fotonovela about domestic violence.
  • Windows and Mirrors: The Afghanistan Project, an installation about women and child victims of the war in Afghanistan.

Our original plays including:

  • Borderless Dreams/Sueños Sin Fronteras, The Price of Silence/El Precio del Silencio, The Rubber Band, A Falta de Pan, Galleta/Crack’er, Highway 47, and Light In My Soul/La Luz en Mi Alma, Solving for X.

Tutoring: We provide all students with access to tutors who offer assistance with homework, college preparation and professional development skills. All student artists and actors work with tutors at least 1.5-2 hours weekly.

Higher Education Preparation: We offer scholarships to supplement financial aid that students receive to their university or conservatory. Working Classroom alumni have graduated from:

      -College of Santa Fe
      -Evergreen University
      -Hampshire College
      -Institute of American Indian Arts
      -Macalester College
      -Pacific Northwest College of Art
      -Pitzer College
      -Pomona College
      -School of the Art Institute of Chicago
      -Theater School of Depaul University
      -University of Miami
      -University of New Mexico


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