Working Classroom will be closed from Monday, December 22nd until Friday, January 2nd for winter holidays. We will reopen with our usual schedule Monday, January 5th.

Happy Holidays!

Washington M.S. Mural Project

The running track at downtown’s Washington Middle School is home to Albuquerque’s largest outdoor mural. Now in a state of disrepair, it offers a rare opportunity to engage the students and community to create a totally new mural. One that represents and inspires the vibrant culture and creativity of our urban youths. In collaboration with lead artist Nani Chacon, WMS students, and videographer Dominic Pettine, Working Classroom is facilitating the development of the new mural and a video documentary of the project.

A large part of the project funding has been generously provided by the Bernalillo County Neighborhood Outreach Grant Program, sponsored by the Huning Castle Neighborhood Association. But we have a bit more to raise.

To make a donation to The Washington Middle School Mural Project here:

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Friends like YOU are vital to our mission: providing 175 low-income students with a year-round program of tuition-free bilingual arts workshops, internships and support services. Help us meet our fundraising goal of $10,000 by January 15th.

Many of our students are overcoming huge obstacles including domestic violence, poverty and recent immigration.At WC we prepare students for life, college and careers by giving them the tools and training neccessary to create change in their own lives and communities. 95% of our students graduate from high school and 70% attend college.

I know, first hand, the power of WC’s rigorous programs because I am an alumni myself. As a teen, WC allowed me to build the skills, networks and resume necessary to attend a competitive college and earn generous scholarships. With our dedicated staff and committed board, I am now honored to nurture the next generation of WC kids as they become brilliant, creative, compassionate and engaged adults. Every afternoon our youth art center is buzzing with dozens of young artists, actors and future leaders who strengthen their voices, flex their artistic abilities and achieve success far beyond what they might have imagined. Read more...

Our Mission / Nuestra Misión

Working Classroom is a multi-ethnic, inter-generational community of student & professional artists, writers, actors and directors with a conscious commitment to supporting new and diverse voices and visions in the arts. The underrepresentation and caricature of historically ignored communities hampers our understanding of who we are as a nation, how we interpret our past and contemplate our future. We contribute to a more nuanced understanding of American identity by training aspiring artists and actors from historically ignored communities and creating art and theater by, for and about these communities. Learn more about us


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